I’m not one to comment on stupid things “fans” say but it’s quite infuriating how some of you assume that taeyeon and tiffany’s interactions are purely fanservice. Roommates pre-debut, best friends for 10 years and you still think their friendship means nothing? You need to get your eyes (and most likely your brain) checked then. :) 

"We spent 3 years of memorable time together,laughing and crying. I hope you stay this way forever. Let’s talk more often. I love you Miyoung."

"(During holidays) I’m usually with Tiffany by ourselves."

 ”The memories that we shared from our trainee days are great but, comparing to the past, I really like the present.. Even though those memories are precious.”

"My wife for eternity, Kim Tae E. I thank you for always caring and supporting me.I will stay out of troubles and I will obey your words. And I will improve on speaking. I love you."

" I’ve been with Taeyeon for 6 years, and this was the first time we’ve been apart for so long. After 10 days, we made a big fuss because we missed each other and sent each other text messages and pictures."

 ”I like the way we are.. We’ve been like this for six years now? We grew up for six years and I like how we are. I’ll try to express more and you too. You know I love you so so so much and I care about you. Thanks always and I love you lots.”

Fanservice indeed