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140924 SBS Radio (translations by @ thedonkatsu)

DJ: wut do u do in ur free/private time? [SBS Radio 140924]
TY: I dont hv a specific hobby. I live w/ TF at dorm so..
TF: we go out together..
TY: we’d go eat together..
TF: go shopping. If you look at it, it’s like we do everything together.
TY: watch TV together [TY mentions watching the “watch again (다시보기)” feature; not sure if she’s making a pun/joke w/ it tho ^^; sorry~]
DJ: that’s why your teamwork is this good.
TF: yes yes
TY: /nods/ we’ve lived together for a long time.


When asked abt whose stamina is best.
TY: Stamina = SH, energy = TF
TF also picked SH after talking about how her stamina used to be better (one of her reasoning in the end is the 2-yr age diff? LOL xD) then they talked about good stamina also means good mind/mental strength(?) [smth like that ^^;]
SH: all of us (stamina-wise) are okay
TY: I’m the problem (at the same time, TF also pointed at TY and said: “Not all are okay” + laughed)
DJ: Ah so Taeyeon, you don’t like to exercise?
TY: My stamina is… [didn’t get what she said here, she just laughed at herself/her stamina kinda xD]
TF: Delicate. Our Taeyeonnie’s delicate~ 
DJ: Really? Delicate?
TY: No I’m not delicate!
TF to TY: I’m trying to correct you prettily [as in cover for her in a good way] so just accept it! /pushes TY/

SH’s “help” in the end: Unnie just needs time to “charge”


DJ: Fascinatingly, when Taeyeon’s having a hard time (with herself), you can see it on her face [I think he means when performing]
TF: But I think that’s pretty, honestly. 
(Then she praises her about her passion for music, for being a pro and even after exhausting music programs with TY’s eyes already closing, if there’s next schedule to do, Taeyeon would wake herself up + work hard) 

Apparently TY once “slept” during dance practice? Eyes closed and just moved her body along LOL


DJ: Won’t u get tired w/ all that (the promotional activities that you wanted/asked for)?
TF: But to be able to do this kind of notable music work, one by one, we should be grateful and enjoy it.
DJ: That’s so cool.
TY: If we don’t do this now then we won’t be able to show it (ppl will never get to see it).
TF: That’s right. Right now, us.
DJ: Ah right. This look, this time, this youth, because next year you can’t see this again.
SH: Yes, we want to keep/record the memories.
TF: Yes
TY: Make the most of it, work our hardest, do our best in everything


Q: What do you want to fix in fellow (TTS) members?
TY: For me.. it’s myself, to please take better care of (my) body.
TF: Yah! Come with me to Pilates.
DJ: Because you feel like you’re behind?
TY: Yes because we’re a group and if in a group there’s one person who lags behind, it will break the rhythm/flow of the group.

And bcoz of her (low) stamina, she’s been taking nutritional supplements given by Tiffany :P


TF said that even though TY’s having a hard time like during the shoot in LA, she will press on so TF’s vr thankful towards her.