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140918 TaeTiSeo @ M!Count Down Begin by MnetKR

뭐라도 뜰 줄 알았다면 그건바로 탱스타!  #TTS #comingsoon

[TRANS by Kymmie] If you thought something was going to be posted, but that’s none other than Taengsta! image

 #TTS #comingsoon

**Note: K-fans thought either TTS teasers or something would be posted at 12am KST so they were all staying up to wait but in the end, nothing was posted. Seems like Taeyeon got to know of this and posted on Taengstagram as a way to console all the fans who waited up ^^


140907 TaeTiSeo @ Instagram。(via taeyeon_ss)

『arrived safe&sound in NYC enjoying some ear candy with our lunch CANT WAIT!! …..라고파니가말하였다. 밥을 안먹어도 배부른 느낌이네요 #tts #즐추』

※やっと到着したのね。 マンネだけ服は着替えてないのか、気に入ったのかな?