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Tiffany: “What if the Hulk was pink?”


Taeyeon told Tiffany she had marks on her nose from the glasses they wore watching The Avengers.

Taeyeon: “It was really fun in 4D. Iron Man jjang!”

cr: Taenacity

Taeyeon tell Sones “Yesterday, I watched Avengers!” “It was 4D~” But some of sones said “I can”t hear you!” So Taeyeon was like “Yesterday I watched Avengers!! It was 4D!!” When she talked loudly, She attached her 2hands on her mouth.It was so cute. And after first recording, One of sones asked “When is Fan signing?” And Taeyeon replied “Why are you like that?” Because He attached his 2hands on his cheek and asked her. Anyway She imitated him(so cute). And He asked again. And Tiffany said “Let me give you a hint~” But second recording was started, So she couldn’t reply.

cr: DC_Seeoticon

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