Radio TaeNy part 2 (1)

Happy Peanut Butter&Jelly day. 
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Thai fan account on KBS.

เล่าว่า เหมือนพื้นตรงที่ฟานี่เต้นมันลื่น ฟานี่ก็บีบข้อเท้าตัวเอง บ่นไรงุ้งงิ้งๆ แทเลยยื่นมือเหมือนจะไปจับ แต่โซวอนแบบกรีดร้องไง แทเลยเช็ดพื้นแทน 555



It looked like where Tiffany was standing is slippery. Tiffany squeezed her own ankle while complaining so Taeyeon decided put her arm out looking as if she would help Tiffany with her ankle (maybe massage it or something). Before she could do anything SONEs started screaming so Taeyeon just wiped the floor instead.

Somehow, this photo

Radio TaeNy part 2 (1)

goodmorning darlings* enjoy #sweaterweather !! 오늘 뮤직뱅크에서 #TTS comeback 무대 기대해주세요(: #HOLLER #ADRENALINE

[TRANS by Kymmie] goodmorning darlings* enjoy #sweaterweather !! Today on Music Bank, please anticipate the #TTS comeback stage(: #HOLLER #ADRENALINE

taeyeon_ss:@xolovestephi 와 아침부터 눈썹 대장이네.. 조금만나눠주시죠 (Wah General Eyebrows right from early in the morning.. You should share just a little with me)

태티서야 오늘도 히믈내 할라!! #태티서 #TTS #holler@taeyeon_ss @xolovestephi