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Tiffany’s Birthday (from ‘07 to ‘10)









Tiffany’s Birthday Party 08.01.2010
1st fanaccount
So when Fany close her eyes Yuri took out a rubber fish and held it in front of Fany’s eyes kekeke. When Fany opened her eyes she yelled “Kyaaaaa!” then ran far away to backstage kekeke Fany came to Taeyeon and whispered something in her ear kekeke.
Lastly a fan asked Fany to do the Hip Song dance, and even brought a sunglass for it keke
Fany said she wore skirt so she can’t.. Taeyeon told her “Hey last time at Seohyun’s birthday party you promised that you would do it today!”. So Fany said Ah ok I can dance Norajo Curry and did the Curry dance keke Then she gave in and did the Hip Song dance~
Finally Taeyeon told Fany to say the last words.
Fany: “Uh… Um… I don’t know hehe”
Taeyeon: “You can say it in English~ Really~ We’ll translate it kekeke”
Cr: silis@soompi

2nd fanaccount
Tiffany: I already got it(생일빵) yesterday, guys? Anyway, It’s funny. Glad to see you guys, and I am today’s mc! (laugh) Also, Taeyeon will be co-mcing with me today, and it was very long time since she did it.

Taeng: Give me a cue sheet. I need it.
Others: Just do it, whatever you want.
Yoona: Taeyeon unnie has won! (*the prize for speaking longer version)
Tiffany: Wow, it’s Taeyeon! I’m expecting a big one! (laugh)
Yoona: You should speak long.
Taeyeon: A long one? I prepared a short one.
Sooyoung: You did? Then do it. If it’s good, then you don’t have to do the long one.
Taeyeon: 개축! (*it’s also a Korean slang attached word.) (fans got crazy, and chanted “김태연! 김태연!)
Yuri: So it’s over?
Taeng: You know, if we do making a congratulation comment seriously, then it would be too long, right?
Tiffany: I don’t mind, though.
Yuri: (showed mackerel toy in front of Tiffany’s eyes. Tiffany screamed like hell and ran away.)
Taeng: Tiffany does hate fish!
Taeng: It is just a joke. Tonight’s heroine Ms Tiffany, please come here.
Girls: Oh no, she is crying!
Yuri: It’s so touching, isn’t it? (fans laugh)
Taeng: Ok ok. Tiffany, let’s give your thoughts for today’s party. I should follow my cue sheet.
Tiffany: What? (hugged Taeng and told something secretly directly to her left ear.) (to fans) No, it’s a secret thing. (fans groaned)
Fan: Sing a song for us! (fans cried and chanted “Hip song! Hip song!”)
Tiffany: Tonight I didn’t wear trousers so…..
Taeng: Yeah, hip song needs your legs to be shown.

Tiffany: I started acting lessons recently. Personally I’m training very hard. My part is like this. “아저씨도 나한테 기대면 되잖아.” (You can lean on me, Ajussi - *heck, this is a really bad translation I know. Sorry for that, but it’s very hard to translate the nuance.) It can be heard outside, so members thought I was dating married man. (laugh)
Hyoyeon: I thought Tiffany was dating Ajussi. (laugh)
Taeng: Show it to us, then. (fans applaud)
Tiffany: Well, there is no Ajussi here. 

Taeng: Yes, tonight! Please do not interrupt me! Tonight, we have plan to eat something delicious, talk, and have good times. We are going to overseas, so I think the most important thing is being healthy. We will take care of out health for Japanese activity so keep supporting us. We’re going, but not leaving completely becuz we will be coming and going. Well, Tiffany will finish the talk.
Tiffany: Why me? I talked a lot.
Taeng: Because you’re today’s heroine!

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Happy Birthday Tiffany! Somewhere out there Taeyeon is yelling her lungs out singing you a happy birthday.

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